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I am a software engineer, pianist, retro gamer, and periodically an artist with varying levels of success.

I was born in Atlanta, GA and lived there until August 2006 at which point I graduated with a BS in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. I then moved to the suburbs of Seattle, WA to work at Microsoft in the Developer Division where I worked on a tool called Blend, a WYSIWYG editor for Silverlight/WPF/JavaScript applications.

In August of 2011, I got a job at Google in Kirkland, WA working on infrastructure for Google+ where I still work today.

In my free time I like creating video games and programming languages.

I also play the piano.

I run a handful of websites, notably Two Cans and String, Nerd Paradise, and asdfjkl;.

I still reside in the suburbs of Seattle and live with a cat named Bad Kitty.

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