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.exe Compilers for Traditionally Non-Compiled Languages

Ever want to make your own .exe program but don't have the right tools or know-how?

Wait no longer!

The following are a collection of tools that will convert your supposedly non-compilable programs into .exe files


Convert your Python programs into executable windows programs. You'll probably only want to use this if it's a very large Python program with bundled media, since there is a very large overhead in the final compiled product. Also, your source code is exposed. But other than that, it's great!


Compile your PHP programs into Windows executables. How? I don't know! I'm not quite sure what that would even mean when the usage paradigms are so different.

Excelsior JET

Compile your Java programs down to the native architecture. Works for both windows AND Linux on x86.


If you can't compile a Java program down to an executable, the next best thing (and less bug prone route) is to simply have a .exe wrapper for your java program for the non-techies. With this, you can bundle a JVM with your code and the EXE wrapper will put the two together. If you don't, then it'll use the default JVM installed on the machine. It's extremely handy if you're a lazy programmer that tests your program on one version of Java and want to force everyone to use that particular version.