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I Need Sleep

Tag: Silly

I recorded this while heavily sleep deprived while I was living in a deserted dorm over Christmas break in 2003. I had a digital camera capable of taking 30 second videos without sound, an MP3 of Mars from The Planets by Gustav Holst, some free video editing software I got because I was a student, some toothpaste, and some deoderant. It's not quite as funny now that we're inundated with YouTube sillyness all the time. But back in 2003, this was kind of funny. Or maybe that's just because I was in college.

Previously I had only put up a highly compressed 10MB-or-so video since in 2003, there was no video streaming services like YouTube. But I managed to dig up the half-gig original video asset and I can post it finally in its full semi-HD glory, nearly a decade later.