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Georgia Tech Graffiti

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Georgia Tech Library Graffiti

Welcome to the Georgia Tech library. The other day while idly sitting during my office hours thinking about how I was using up the tuition of everyone around me to twidle my thumbs, I noticed something about the graffiti in the cubicles. It wasn't all about selling girlfriends on eBay or ridiculing the sexual orientation of the next inhabitant of the cubicle. Some stuff was...well...time to get the camera.


You may recognize this scene from the movie Road Trip during the opening campus tour. This is the main entrance to the Georgia Tech Library. Let's go explore!

Disclaimer: unkind words may be visible here and there. But you're still using the internet, so you obviously don't care by now.

Not quite visible, but someone "hates solenoids" and a few classes at Tech. The b-word is actually written in l33t if you look closely.

This is a full listing of all the wonderful classes that Georgia Tech has to offer.

The funny thing about this and the next picture is that it will have been read by a wider audience than your average overpass scrawl.



Hooray! You're winning! Keep going!

Classic AYB. That's a pretty good drawing. He really ought to have done it on paper so he could keep it.

"Get back to work". Need more graffiti like that in my room.

"G(T)et out while you can". Someone shows their school spirit. GoooOOOOOOooo Jackets!

And the grand finale that inspired me to do this documentary...

Georgia Tech: the Southeast's best and brightest! This is completely unrelated. But I saw this written in a chalk ad on the sidewalk and thought it was very funny. Funny enough to share.

Anyways, that was today's adventure. Get back to work.