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North Avenue #9: The Vicious Cycle


At the beginning of the semester we're all so optimistic, convinced we have learned our mistakes from the previous semester.
"It's going to be different this time!"

...then one thing slips. But don't worry, there's time to make it up.
"Hmm...that deadline snuck up on me. It's ok, it's only worth 2% of my grade."

About two thirds of the way through, you start making sacrifices...
"If I don't do my lab report, I can still get an A and have time to finish that project that's worth a lot more."

...and then about two weeks before finals you come to the realization of what you'll have to do to still get an A in all your classes. Usually this causes excessive stress that possibly breaks something brain-related. You then become "that guy" on campus for two weeks.
"The EmUs!!! We HAVE 2 st0p teh EMUS!!!!1"
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