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Postage Will Be Paid By Addressee

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This is a repost from an post I wrote while I was in college. There are more effective ways to stop getting credit card offers, but they aren't nearly as fun as this.

Get a Mastercard. It comes in handy. But only get 1 Mastercard.

And when Mastercard isn't exactly everywhere you want it to be, get a Visa card. It comes in handy. But only get 1 Visa.

There isn't any reason why you should have more than a couple credit cards. Rewards? Ok. I'll take that as an excuse, but after that, don't accept any more offers. As a college student, my PO Box gets swamped with offers. I get more credit card offers than bills, legitimate letters, bombs, and death threats combined!

When you go off to college, you are basically free. You can do anything you like. You can get as many credit cards as you want. That also means you can spend money you don't have. This is what many people do and they rack up credit card debt. They may be an adult, legally, but they still haven't reached financial maturity yet. Credit card companies know this. What does that make them? Predators.

So, I ask all of you to join me and fight back.

Here's how:

Figure 1-1: that little envelope they give you...

They know who I am. Good.


My business reply.

Urgent! Process Immediately!

And remember, kids, a heavy rock means more postage to pay, which means they'll be more likely to listen to you.