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Gamelight was an open source library for creating 2D games in Silverlight. The Gamelight API was structurally similar to SDL/PyGame, but also contained useful classes such as sprite sheet processing. As Silverlight is now deprecated I no longer maintain this project.
Silverlight, C#, .NET

Super Mario Bros Silverlight Clone

Another experiment in Silverlight. This was originally created in Silverlight 2 when the writeable bitmap class did not exist. Like the JavaScript Dragon Warrior this is based off UIElements moving around the screen rather than direct pixel manipulation. That's why the tearing is rather noticeable.
C#, Silverlight

Name As Many ______ As You Can

This was here before sporcle!
HTML, JavaScript

Guess the Video Game Character.

Think of a video game character and answer a series of yes/no questions as though you were that character. Once the computer thinks it has enough information, it will try to guess who you are thinking of.

JavaScript Dragon Warrior

This is old. So old that I wrote this before HTML5 existed. This is a replica of Dragon Warrior for NES using DOM-based JavaScript programming techniques.

This is also incomplete.
HTML4, JavaScript

Blake Paint

Made this in Blend when I used to work on the Microsoft Blend team. This is partial replica of Mario Paint for SNES. But me instead of Mario. (Silverlight)

If you never played MarioPaint in 1992, then you can get up to speed here.
C#, Silverlight