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Gamelight Tutorial: Part 5 - Sprite Sheet Magic
Posted 7.6 years ago.
One of the more tedious parts of making 2D sprite-based games is dealing with sprite cropping and al...
Gamelight Tutorial: Part 4 - Sound and Music
Posted 7.6 years ago.
The next major component of games after interactivity and graphics is sound. Luckily, sounds and mus...
Gamelight Tutorial: Part 3 - Images
Posted 7.6 years ago.
This tutorial continues on with the codebase of the previous tutorials. Images are relatively simp...
Gamelight Tutorial: Part 2 - Getting User Input
Posted 7.6 years ago.
In the last installment, I showed you how to set up a Silverlight project with a basic Gamelight gam...
Gamelight Tutorial: Part 1 - The Basic Game Loop
Posted 7.6 years ago.
Gamelight is a free game programming library for Silverlight I created some time back. Recently in S...