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North Avenue #34: Happy November Travel Day
Posted 7.5 years ago.
"You are special. Likie a beautiful unique snowflake. Your parents and teachers have always told y...
North Avenue #33: Technology Time Capsule
Posted 7.7 years ago.
"Why are we at the dead tree store?" "Discounts" "On what?" "Dead trees." "Your brain is like a te...
North Avenue #32: Touring in a City Near You
Posted 8.2 years ago.
What are you doing? You're supposed to be interviewing! I was already rejected What?! Why? Nobody'...
North Avenue #31: It Wasn't A Waste, Afterall
Posted 8.3 years ago.
Employers don't like to see large gaps in employment or education. Your hoboism doesn't look good ...
North Avenue #30: Summer 2004 World Champion
Posted 8.3 years ago.
Hmm...are you a college hobo? How did you know? Because your resume is written on the back of an S...
North Avenue #29: Real Incentive
Posted 8.3 years ago.
You can't just mooch off campus events, it's wrong Hey, free food, free internet. I don't see any ...
North Avenue #28: Still Alive
Posted 8.3 years ago.
WAKE UP You can't be a college hobo for the rest of your life ...I'm comfy... You have to get a jo...
North Avenue #27: No More Downroading, Part 8
Posted 8.3 years ago.
And alas, turn-in day arrives... Mystic Powers! Starlight Dress-up! GRADING ROOM PREVIEW:
North Avenue #26: No More Downroading, Part 7
Posted 8.3 years ago.
mmf... ...torrents... ...highway... ...zzzz.... rithmetic fairy... ...zzz... ...whitecoats... ...l...
North Avenue #25: No More Downroading, Part 6
Posted 8.3 years ago.
Don't you see? If something isn't done soon, the Internet will collapse under the weight of the an...
North Avenue #24: No More Downroading, Part 5
Posted 8.3 years ago.
What is this place? Welcome to the Information Superhighway! Wow, it's a lot more crowded than I e...
North Avenue #23: No More Downroading, Part 4
Posted 8.3 years ago.
How can this project be remotely useful to people that don't have anime needs? The Internet is in ...
North Avenue #22: No More Downroading, Part 3
Posted 8.3 years ago.
Perhaps I could just write a program that generates random static and say I tried then take my D a...
North Avenue #21: No More Downroading, Part 2
Posted 8.3 years ago.
Man, we have the worst project ever. Yeah, I know the feeling. It's a number cruncher for some ins...
North Avenue #20: No More Downroading, Part 1
Posted 8.3 years ago.
In order to graduate from the College of Computing, one must take a senior research course. In th...
North Avenue #19: The fork(); Part 3
Posted 8.3 years ago.
So now what do I do, now that I'm a fictional character? I don't know. I guess keep doing whatever...
North Avenue #18: The fork(); Part 2
Posted 8.3 years ago.
But why? Why now? Perhaps the author was moving to a place that didn't have a street named North ...
North Avenue #17: The fork(); Part 1
Posted 8.3 years ago.
I'm FREE!! AHHH!! Who the hell are you? >POP< What just happened? The artist just freed himself...
North Avenue #16: Bookstore Economics
Posted 8.3 years ago.
Campus bookstores charge a lot for books. If I drop a class and return the book, do I get the fir...
North Avenue #15: Bottlecap Burn
Posted 8.3 years ago.
North Avenue #14: Oil Change
Posted 8.3 years ago.
In the height of the cold war, Soviet scientists developed a form of psychological torture. Their ...
North Avenue #13: I'm Talking About YOU
Posted 8.3 years ago.
Me NO PANTS! I'm a fairy princess! Remember, Kids, if it isn't something you'd say to other adults...
North Avenue #12: State Signs
Posted 8.3 years ago.
Illinois: Toll Plaza Ahead Exact Change Only No Paper Money Shiny Coins Only Missouri: Hi ...
North Avenue #11: Your In-Class Assignment
Posted 8.3 years ago.
Every building has a Comfy Chair. It's like a federal law or something. It may be in the back of t...
North Avenue #10: Your Justification is not Valid
Posted 8.3 years ago.
LAB REPORT: 1. What did the reaction yield? An explosion. 2. How did you come to this conclusion? ...
North Avenue #9: The Vicious Cycle
Posted 8.3 years ago.
At the beginning of the semester we're all so optimistic, convinced we have learned our mistakes f...
North Avenue #8: If Your College Roommate were like a Computer Language
Posted 8.3 years ago.
If your college roommate were like a computer language... "I took out the kitchen garbage...again....
North Avenue #7: It's Coming!
Posted 8.3 years ago.
Have a Happy Pollen Season '06 PREVIEW:
North Avenue #6: Oh Noes!
Posted 8.3 years ago.
Oh no! Drew signed on and you know he's going to try to talk to you! What ever will you DO!?!? Sign...
North Avenue #5: First Day of the Semester
Posted 8.3 years ago.
...and that's how we program with Python! PREVIEW:
North Avenue #4: Meet the Team
Posted 8.3 years ago.
So you arrive at the library for your first group meeting. You can meet at the library because it'...
North Avenue #3: Pappy Frank's
Posted 8.3 years ago.
Thank you for choosing Pappy Frank's Pseudo-Italian Eatery, how may I help you? I would like to or...
North Avenue #2: 8AM Classes
Posted 8.3 years ago.
Do not sign up for 8 AM classes. The only useful thing you will ever learn in them is how to induc...
North Avenue #1: Works for Segfaults, Too
Posted 8.3 years ago.
Project did not compile: 43 Errors, 126 Warnings Project compiled successfully PREVIEW: