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The Logic Behind a Three Piece Shuffle
Posted 7.5 years ago.
This is a tutorial on how to solve any Rubik's-style mechanical twisting puzzle. It's also one of th...
Fun at Cracker Barrel
Posted 7.6 years ago.
This is an ancient repost (from 2005). I found it in an old NP backup and thought it was worth repos...
Pyraminx/Tetraminx Solution
Posted 7.6 years ago.
Part 1 - Align CornersThere are four corners on the pyraminx. The first step towards solving the pyr...
Solving the Centers of a Patterned Rubik's Cube
Posted 7.7 years ago.
If you have a cube where the stickers aren't just solid colors, but patterns, then you may have noti...
Simple Rubik's Cube Solution
Posted 8.3 years ago.
This is a simple solution to the Rubik's Cube composed of various methods that I merged together tha...