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Mark Sideways

This was a programming language I made for a weekend-long hackathon where the theme was "first class comments"

Source Code

Mark Sideways is a literate programming language that uses plain markdown files as its input source type. Function and class definitions are defined by # headers, arguments are defined by bulleted lists, and the code itself appears as code block segments. Everything else is a "comment".

The compiler and interpreter itself was implemented in Python. It also supports basic 2D drawing using SDL via PyGame.

For example, here is a program that calculates Pi. This is NOT a readme file about the program. This markdown file IS the program itself.

I also wrote a small Twitter clone, Tetris, and a CLI Rock Paper Scissors game.

This is a video by the hackathon organizer demonstrating MarkSideways at 11:13:

MSPaint: Drawing Glass Buttons
Custom Programming Language: Mark Sideways
MSPaint: 50% Opacity Overlay
MSPaint: How to Draw a Stereogram
MSPaint: Linear Gradients