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Programming Languages

Here are a few of the programming languages I've created.

  • Crayon - dynamically typed, curly brace language, byte-code interpreted language meant for cross platform user-facing apps.
  • Pastel - statically typed language that transpiles to somewhat readable code in Python, JavaScript, C#, Java, and PHP. Code is basically a 1-to-1 transpilation intended to preserve performance rather than create platform safety.
  • Vanilla - work in progress replacement for Pastel intended to primarily target transpilation to JavaScript and C. The C transpiled code contains basic garbage collection and list/dictionary types.
  • Mark Sideways - A literate programming language I created in a weekend hackathon that is basically an interpreter for markdown files.
  • EmojiLang - A simple programming language with an online IDE that I made as a joke. The syntax is purely made of emojis (except for strings).


(still hunting down links)

Title Year Language Game Jam
Nomsters 2014 Crayon
Pentomino's Pizza 2016 Python (ported to Crayon) PyWeek 21
Space Squirrel 2013 Python (ported to Crayon) PyWeek 17
Sudo Science Python
Where's Walzyx Crayon
Sentient Sandwich Crayon
Geo Gearshift Crayon Ludum Dare
Debris Dodger Crayon Zero-Hour Game Jam
Shunned Survivor Python
NES Dragon Warior clone I made when the pandemic started 2020 Crayon
Whatever the heck this monstrosity is that I made after buying a 13-port USB hub and was determined to use it with an equal number of gamepads (Crayon) Crayon Global Game Jam Video

Tetris in Every Programming Language

I'm attempting to write Tetris in every programming language I know as both a way to keep around boilerplate code for future reference, but also for the lols. You can view the whole git repository or browse by language below:

Current progress


  • Two Cans & String - anonymous question and answer site with about 300 daily active users
  • - click for recursive fun
  • asdfjkl; - anonymous question without answers site with about 0.2 daily active users
MSPaint: 50% Opacity Overlay
MSPaint: How to Draw a Stereogram
MSPaint: Curved Gradients
MSPaint: Rotate by 45 Degrees
Custom Programming Language: Mark Sideways